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Healing, Connection and Creative Exploration.

Psychology Session



Face to Face Counselling Sessions


I am seeing clients face to face in the lovely rooms in Ashbourne/ Ratoath, Co Meath.

 To book a face to face appointment call  0851970916

Online Counselling Sessions


 I work online​​ via Zoom or WhatsApp video call both abroad and anywhere in Ireland. Online therapy is surprisingly personal, convenient and my clients and I find this way of working very healing and helpful. 

To book an appointment call  0851970916

Or email me at


Counsellors in Training Sessions


I offer Student Counsellor-in-training sessions. These session are about building that therapeutic relationship, modelling a therapeutic practice and offering a time for the student to move through the levels of their self-awareness, self-development, self in relationship towards being ready for practice. 


Becoming a psychotherapist is mind, body and spiritual journey of self discovery. Often described as life altering, challenging and uncomfortable. I find working with student counsellors a rewarding and growth promoting experience for both the client and myself. The I/thou experience is ever present.


If you are looking to begin your required hours I offer a wide range of cognitive, holistic and creative mind, body, and spiritually informed interventions. Collaboratively working within the therapeutic relationship will help you move through the stages of change towards becoming a practicing  Psychotherapist.


To book an appointment call  0851970916

Or email me at


Person-Centred Creative Art Counselling session


Weather you believe you are creative or not. This way of working is so helpful and can connect us to our inner truth. We get to notice something about our lives through imagery or sand-tray that may not have revealed itself otherwise. People have said it was so insightful, helpful, it helped me realise I need to take care of me better. I can see I am bending over backwards for people and not seeing my needs. This is what my family life looks like, I can see a way forward. I could not see this was what was happening before. People often refer back to the metaphors or a new meaning that the received in later sessions.


I can facilitate creative arts counselling sessions during face to face and online counselling sessions.

No art skill required just an ability to make marks and a curiosity to discover something new. 


To book an appointment call  0851970916

Or email me at


Association of Person-Centred Creative Art Courses

Level 1 Introduction to Person Centred Creative Arts Practice.

Level 2 Therapeutic use of Person-centred Creative Art

These beautiful intuitive self/professional development courses run several times a year. Follow the link below for updates. Or if curious about these courses do get in contact. We also facilitate several workshops a year where you can dip your toe in and experience with us a person creative art session practice and connection. 


You can find out how to become a member and benefit from being part of this eclectic creative community

  call  0851970916






Marina Anderson is an

integrative psychotherapist and person-centred creative art counsellor/tutor and artist. She combines these skill-sets to create a very unique and creative psycho-therapeutic experience. Marina also has experience of working with groups from self-development with horses to addiction recovery aftercare programs.​


 Since 2017  Marina works with clients experiencing anxiety, sadness, uncertainty, grief, loss, abandonment, addiction, trauma, co-dependency, coercion, sexual identity, spirituality, separateness…


  Meeting with new clients and deepening the therapeutic relationship is an enriching part of this work. Seeing people reclaim their lives, developing a more authentic sense of themselves and learning to respond to what they have experienced is a very rewarding part of being a counsellor.


"I believe the healing power of relationship, connection, acceptance and unconditional positive regard helps people to work through what they are unsure about and gain a greater understanding of their life experiences ( past and present".

During the counselling sessions, Marina collaboratively and creatively works with her clients, helping them explore their life challenges, strengths, limitations, and personal resources. Clients gain a new sense of themselves, connecting with what is important to them, achieving tasks, setting goals and creating opportunities to meet their life challenges differently, supported.

PTSD Mental health concept. Post Traumat

"When lonely suffering is courageously embraced and integrated it brings new light and shelter to our world ”

John O'Donohue


Learn About My Methods

Therapy Office

Warmth, welcome and support are the touchstones of my being here for you.  We simply begin with a hello and welcome. The conversation will have a natural way of unfolding, and I will weave the way I work seamlessly into the session. Here is an introduction to the type of therapy I offer as an integrative psychotherapist.

Integrative psychotherapy involves choosing interventions and techniques that best serve your needs.  I invite feedback from you about what you find most helpful and we tailor your therapy needs to what will help soothe, care, and generate a sense of ease within your mind, body, and spirit.

Person-centred, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), motivational interviewing, systemic, multi-cultural, creative, somatic, and mindful approaches will help us understand what is happening for you right now.

We can look to the past and explore with care, empathy, and compassion what in your life has caused you dis-ease, worry, anxiety, stress, pain or trauma. Together we can discover the coping patterns, thought processes, learning styles and behaviours that help, hinder, or no longer serve you, or your relationships within your family, work, school, or community.

We will develop a relationship which allows you to say what you have kept in your heart for so long and open space for your heart to heal.

We will trace the thread of life, find the knot and untangle it”

Martha Ostenso

We can look to the future create new intentions, develop new practices and motivations, finding out what brings you closer to your goals and dreams and what keeps you from achieving them

Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams, who looks inside, awakes

Carl Jung


 Based in Ratoath, Co. Meath, Ireland

online nation wide service

00353 85 197 0916

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