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KINTSUGI a philosophy of transformation

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

When life touches us in ways we had not planned leaving us feeling partly shattered, broken, fractured, scarred, deeply wounded, briefly hurt, or with a part of us that is lost forever what then is our destiny?

KINTSUGI a philosophy of transformation is a way in which I wanted to relate my absence from my business social media and acknowledge my recent life experience.

I recently had an accident which I am recovering well from and so far it means I will be wearing a neck brace for some time. It was an unexpected accident at a time of my life when I had a sense of happiness, where things are moving forward how I wanted. Peace, recovery and fulfilment were in abundance. I had gone through many trials and now I was reaping the rewards.

For sometime I was thinking I would love to go on a spiritual retreat and I wondered what that might look like, what might I awaken on this journey of life I was on? Then my answer came.

Five weeks ago I was in an accident which I can see now as time given to me to retreat. The lessons being surrender, trust and receive. A letting go of what was, in order to embrace the imperfection of what is to come. Giving time to the pause of what this life experience had put on hold Thus facing into the grief of loosing freedoms I was enjoying, a certain amount of physical mobility, work, being a supporter and carer of others.

However new and known people came into my life with care and support, helping me through a time of fears and vulnerability. Doctors, nurses and spiritual Healers, family and friends reached out and blessed me with their expertise, dignity, voluntary acts of kindness and love. I spent time with the God of my understanding and practiced spiritual and physical (somatic) meditation which were helping me to find and make meaning of this happening. An existential reboot…

I was reminded of my past and what it is like for my clients who work through their traumas each week. The psychological, sexual, social, racial, spiritual, physical and internal relationships traumas that cause lives to feel broken, damaged, sore and unfixable. As humans we become wounded. These wounds cause us periods of anxiety, panic, depression, anger, hopelessness, fear, shame, regret, sadness, loneliness, unworthy….

How we recover is so important and possible

• Surrendering to become free

• Seeking help and support from those who care

• seeking resources which awakens the beauty of “I am” that is within us like those spiritual connections with the God of our understanding, earth, people, animals, art, music, science, exercises

• Seeking counselling or support groups to heal, rebuild and transform the parts of us that time has called forward in need of healing and change

Like KINTSUGI embracing our inner and outer imperfection is transforming and a philosophy that creates new opportunities for surrender acceptance, resilience, patience, recovery and in time altruism.

Today I am grateful to see my clients we had work to do and parts to transform, KINTSUGI

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Oct 31, 2020

Thank you Sue the experiences deepen with more awareness and work ... Blessings on your mini retreat X 🙏


Sue Hannan
Sue Hannan
Oct 29, 2020

Beautiful expressions of your strengths Marina & your cross road that happened so quickly. Im also learning our perception can be our best companion to shift negi into posi... weakness into strengths & now stillness into personal inner & outer mini retreat... so beautiful. Xxx8xxX

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