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Decommissioning the Hungry Ghost is a recovery journey

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

The hungry ghost fell in with addiction and codependency and learned to cope by itself.

This part of self became more and more the way to be. Other parts tried often to have a say but the hungry ghost had friends now and began to rule in a self-destructive way...

Addiction filled this hole in the soul.

Codependency found someone else's. And so suffering became familiar and home, a place to be everyday.

But the hole could not be filled.


Luckily other people have traveled this journey before. Some finding a different way to be. Meeting in groups, community and socially. Sharing stories and experiences, introducing connection, responsibility, compassion and hope. Where the hungry ghost began to heal and then began to feel, untill one day there was enough love to share with themselves in a selfcompassion supportive way.

Then some how the cup that you've learned to fill runs over and you can be the one who has travelled the road before and help guide the way offering HOPE




And buckets of Empathy

There is a limit to the hungry ghosts rule... Let it be today, reach out for support tell someone begining the recovery way.

Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

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Liz O'Driscoll
Liz O'Driscoll
Oct 30, 2020


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